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Is your jewelry waterproof?
Unfortunately, not all of my jewelry is 100% waterproof. For the production of my products I use many different air-drying modelling clays, which unfortunately are not all waterproof. For protection, many modelled parts got a waterproof and protective coating, but you should still avoid long contact with liquids.
Some of my products do not have a waterproof coating for visual reasons and should therefore not come in contact with liquids. Such articles contain a corresponding reference in the article description.

How can I take care of my purchased jewelry?
Unfortunately, your handmade jewelry needs a little more care and love than other everyday items. But not only the modeled or felted parts need care, but also the metal parts like e.g. chains and metal charms. They can start to change their color over time. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your things so that they will last longer:

    • Try to avoid contact with moisture (e.g. rain, sweat, perfume, hair spray, etc. So you shouldn't wear your jewelry in the pool, under the shower or in the sauna.)

    • Protect your jewelry from direct sunlight. Of course, while wearing it, the sunlight can not be expelled, but if you are not wearing your pieces at the moment, put them in a safe place (for example a jewelry box, jewelry pouch). You should also keep your jewelry away from sources of heat such as lamps, candles, heaters etc.

    • You can clean them with a jewelry cloth and dust can be removed with sticky tapes. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaning sprays! You should only use a small amount of water, but remember, not too much! Unglazed pieces should never come into contact with liquids and should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

    • Make sure that your jewelry does not get tangled in objects or clothing. Some jewelry items are very small and delicate and can therefore be easily damaged. This is especially true for thin chains and binding rings which can easily torn apart.

    • If you store your jewelry in jewelry boxes, you should make sure that pieces of jewelry made of different metals do not touch each other. Because, as I've noticed, the metals start to change their color faster, when they come in contact with other metals. Gold chains will e.g. become dark, if they come into contact with silver jewelry for a longer period of time and also the silver can turn yellowish. It can help if you pack your jewelry in small bags and then put them in your box. So all parts are separated from each other.

    • Wood jewelry can become dry and cracked over time due to these influences and should therefore, from time to time, be cleaned and treated with oil or wax. For this purpose you can use coconut oil, jojoba oil (without perfume) or baby oil; Beeswax from the health food store is also always a good choice.

A little tip: Please do not put hand-modelled or felted things in the pockets of your pants! Thin parts can be very fragile and break easily.

Do you accept custom orders or special changes?
No, I don't. The items I sell are only available as they are. I will not make any changes to them. Except bracelets (more information down below). I also do not accept special orders according to customer requirements.

The bracelets in your listing are too small or too big - can you customize them?
Sure, that's no problem. If you buy a bracelet, write me a comment with your size when ordering.

Are you sending trial packs to bloggers?
This question has been asked many times and I have decided to send samples only in exceptional cases. Sending samples has the purpose of attracting new customers, but I have the feeling that some bloggers just want something for free. However, if I want to send samples someday, I'll let you know and then accept applications.

How long does the scent of your fragrant jewelry last?
Unfortunately, the fragrance will disappear over time. That's inevitable. My experience has shown that the fragrance can already disappear after three weeks, depending on the storage. But with proper storage, you can have fun for several months on your fragrant jewelry.

How you should store the things:
The fragrance will last the longest if you keep the jewelry or accessories in their original packaging - for example, in the plastic foil or box in which they were delivered. Also you can keep the jewelry in small boxes, plastic bags or jewelry pouches.

If you leave the jewelry hanging around somewhere in the room, the fragrance will disappear faster. Unfortunately, the fragrance from mobile phone accessories will disappear quickly, because the charms are usually not placed back in the packaging. This also applies to often worn jewelry.

The oldest piece of jewelry I got, smells for over a year now.

Are your jewelry and accessories suitable for children?
Well, my creations are not suitable for small children - especially for children under 3 years. Many parts are easily swallowable and the optics invite children to put things in their mouth. So you should keep my jewelry away from children!
Even for older children, my jewelry is not suitable, because the fit sizes are made for adults.