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What does decoden mean?

What does decoden mean?

  Carrie Schmitz / Cirria Crafts

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Some of you may have already read the word "decoden" in my shop or picked it up otherwise, but the meaning of this word is a mystery to many people. I would like to put some light in the darkness and explain you, what decoden really is.

Decoden (japanese デコ電) is the shorthand for "decoration denwa", it's thus composed of the English word "decoration" and the Japanese word "denwa" which means "phone".

Decoden is a craft trend from Japan, which began with the fact that some girls decorated their mobile phones with countless rhinestones. Some time later, other materials were added as well, e.g. 3D cabochons, casting resin or handmade "fake sweets" - at the end you can use anything that comes to your mind and what you like.
The final results are definitely colorful and kitschy; sometimes a bit overloaded, but super cute!

In the meantime, Decoden is only a generic term for the individualization and personalization of all kind of objects. In addition to richly decorated phones or mobile phone cases, there are also decorated headphones, boxes and glasses; picture frames and fingernails which are called decoden today.

Meanwhile this crafting trend also reached other countries and there are many internet shops that offer ready-made items or materials for DIYs.

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