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Easter necklaces, Etsy and the Coronavirus

Easter necklaces, Etsy and the Coronavirus

  Carrie Schmitz / Cirria Crafts

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Wow, long time no see - again! I've placed my last blog post a while back now. How are you? I hope you're all well, and you stay at home. Everyone is speaking about the coronavirus lately, and it affected the lives of many, many people all over the world - of course mine too. I'm a really big couch potato, and I love it to be at home, but it's a weird situation anyway. The streets are empty, also many shelves at the supermarkets too, you have to hold distance, and you see more and more people with face masks and gloves (which is not common here). But I'm not scared or panicked, but it's just strange, and of course I have some worries about my parents. You'll never know what the future brings...

Because of canceled transport flights, or because of national protection regulations and quarantine measures, I can't deliver to many countries at the moment. I'm happy that I can still ship to the most European countries and within Germany. But I ask myself, what will happen to packages which I've sent overseas recently? Do they arrive their recipient or will they get back to me? (-_- )

Under the menu option (on the left) "Payment and dispatch" you can find a list with all countries to which I still deliver or not. Within Germany there are no problems at the moment, but of course this can change at any time. If there are any new news and information, I'll let you know!

Well, it's not a great time at the moment, but I hope that everything will get better soon. Now a thematic change! What else happened?

If you follow me on Instagram you've may seen, that I reopended my Etsy shop about two months ago. It's not easy to handle a own online shop, and I'm just to lazy to make promotion and stuff. Sure, at Etsy I have much more competitors, but I think it's easier to get found there. Feel free to take a look at my Etsy shop. You can find the link down below. :)

I've also made a Twitter account again. There I'll post some wip pics, and news.

Easter is just around the corner, and I've planned so many new easter charms and jewelry, but unfortunately I just made some necklaces. I was just too lazy and unmotivated for more. But I'm really happy with these easter cake necklaces! What do you think about them?

They're available with gold-colored and silver-colored metal pieces, and even the cakes you can get in different colors. I hope you like them! (─‿‿─)

Now I've written so much, and I think I'll come to an end now. Stay safe and healthy everyone!



Easter cake with eggs

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